Here you can download the project plan for St. Joseph's Hospital made in the year 2002. Unfortunately it is only available in Dutch.


Zonta Resource Centre

Aids is a big problem in India. Zonta Resource Centre is a shelter in Chennai for women with hiv and aids. They get a roof over their head, medical guidance and a practical way of spending the day.

Amaidhi Foundation currently supports five projects in India. Three other projects have already been completed and are being carried on by our Indian project partners. Via the buttons on top of the page you can see the individual projects.

St. Joseph’s Hospital

In the small villages of Andhra Pradesh, good healthcare is a scarce commodity. St. Joseph’s Hospital, a clinic in Kamalapuram, provides care in the villages around this town and especially to the inhabitants of the ‘colonies’, the parts of the villages where dalits (untouchables) live.

St. Thomas Hospital

St. Thomas Hospital is a hospital that initially offers care to poor people for a small fee and in some cases free. A luxury department with well-paid care makes this possible.

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