St. Thomas Hospital

St. Thomas Hospital is a hospital that initially offers care to poor people for a small fee and in some cases free. A luxury department with well-paid care makes this possible.

St. Thomas Hospital is located in the South of Chennai and is connected with the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph congregation.

Amaidhi Foundation has already supported many projects of the St. Thomas Hospital. Examples of these projects are health education, purchasing a tank car to transport water, purchasing a defibrillator and shipment of some containers with medical furniture, medicines, and other medical help goods. We supported the tuititon project (homework assistance) in the surrounding slums and the purchase of a tractor for the hospital’s farm. We also gave money to purchase a respirator.

Lately we have concentrated the support on projects that help in the hospital take care of its own affairs. Such as purchasing the tractor and the project carried out in 2013 : the placement of a number of solar water heaters on the roof of the hospital, the home for the old aged and the children's home.

The hospital was founded in 1972 as a small polyclinic near St. Thomas Mount on the southwestern outskirts of Chennai. It has become a hospital with 200 beds under the inspiring leadership of sister and doctor Mary Rexline. St. Thomas Hospital has a number of dispensaries in the suburbs of Chennai and in the villages south of the town.

There is also a nunnery and a school of nurses on the grounds of the hospital.