SIP Memorial Home

Since the beginning of 2008, Amaidhi supports an initiative of Corrie and Jan Vincent, members of our board. They have lived in Chennai and have come into contact with the children’s home of the South Indian Positive network: SIP Memorial Home. In this children's home – on separate locations – children with hiv/aids and non-infected children are taken care of. The latter children do have parents who are suffering from aids.

The house the children are now living in is a rented building. For years there have been plans to build their own home. Amaidh Foundation tries to work with SIP to realize this vision. 

The children are taken care of by dedicated volunteers. Nooi Saleem is head of the SIP Memorial Home. She is a transgender who strongly supports the rights of people with aids or hiv in South India and the rights of transgender people. She has the daily management of the house and takes care of fundraising to cover the day-to-day expenses.

The children with hiv/aids are under treatment at the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital in Chennai. This treatment is given free of costs. All children of school-age go to school.