PT Parru - Don Bosco School

Patsla Tadi Parru (PT Parru) is a village in Andhra Pradesh south of Guntur and near to the sea. The Don Bosco English Medium School is in that village. It is an English speaking girls and boys boarding school, the education of both boys and girls plus the boarding of te girls is run by the Franciscan sisters of St. Joseph who also exploit the St. Thomas Hospital and the St. Joseph Hospital (see our other projects).

Since 2009, Amaidhi has a sponsorship program for the education of girls at this school. It is for girls from families that are too poor to pay the school fees and the fees for room and board. Amaidhi has chosen only to allow girls in the sponsor program because girls and women in India are discriminated, also in the field of education.

Meanwhile 52 girls have been adopted by sponsors in the Netherlands. The girls start on the sponsor program in class 3 (class 1 and 2 are nursery classes). The first 18 girls were adopted in 2009 by the Paulus Mundial foundation in Wijchen, interconnected with the Paulusschool there. A year later Stichting WIR-school in Lent adopted 4 girls. The public primary school De Kranepoort in Gouderak has been taking part in the sponsor program since 2011 and has already adopted four girls. In addition, there are the essential private benefactors who have taken custody of one or more girls.

All the benefactors are committed to donate a certain amount per student per year, for a period of eight years in a row. Then the girl in question has completed the primary school education. We are also trying to interest the sponsors in financially supporting the secondary education that begins with the classes 11 and 12, a sort of bridge class leading up to college. All the sponsors get a students profile of their sponsor child.

An exchange via letters and drawings takes place between the Dutch sponsors and the girls at the Don Bosco School. If you want to become a sponsor you can apply by sending an e-mail to Amaidhi Foundation (bottom of the page). You can also reach us via our contact form in the left box.