Editorial info

Since 1997 Amaidhi Foundation has been providing financial support to developmental projects in South India.

How does Amaidhi work?

  1. Amaidhi supports small-scale projects
  2. Amaidhi provides money for local initiatives of Indian ngo's 
  3. Amaidhi is an ANBI organisation, a private charitable non profit organisation. Amaidhi doesn’t maintain overhead costs: all board members perform their work on a voluntary basis. Administration and travelling costs are paid by board members at their own expenses , in order to ensure that all donations are spent for 100% on the projects in India. Your donations can be deducted from your tax payment.
  4. Amaidhi informs its benefactors about the progress of projects via a regular news magazine, its website and annual audit reports and action plans .
  5. Amaidhi invests in structural aid regarding poverty reduction, healthcare, emancipation and education. All projects have to account for our donations by thorough reports.


How can you support Amaidhi?

Transfer your donation to our bank account please:

IBAN: NL76 RABO 0167 9446 81, Stichting Amaidhi Nijmegen.

In case  you want to support a specific project, please label your donation by adding the name of the project in your donation. Thank you very much!


Amaidhi board members:


  • Mr. Peter Deurloo, M.A., chairman
  • Mrs. Nathalie de Haan, PhD., secretary
  • Mrs. Ine Kruijdenberg-Le Blanc, LL.M., treasurer
  • Dilia Deurloo-Hunsche, MSc., B.N.,  board member
  • Jan Vincent, board member
  • Corrie Vincent, board member
  • Juus van Haaren, B. A., board member