Amaidhi Foundation provides financial support for development projects in South India.

How does Amaidhi work?

  1. Amaidhi supports small-scale projects
  2. Amaidhi provides money for local initiatives of Indian ngo's 
  3. Amaidhi has no overhead costs: the work is done by volunteers who pay administration and travel costs out of their own pocket and all donations go for 100% to the projects.
  4. Amaidhi keeps its donors informed of the progress of projects through a regular newsletter.
  5. Amaidhi invests in structural aid in the area of poverty reduction, healthcare and education.

Who is Amaidhi for?

  • Amaidhi is for people who want to support small-scale projects which really help. Your donation is guaranteed to go 100% to the projects. We pay overhead costs out of our own pockets and also the journeys to India.
  • Amaidhi is for youths who want to roll up their sleeves for a project in India. We help you on your way for an internship or an educational travel experience.

How can you support Adaidhi?

Transfer your donation to our bank account:

IBAN: NL76 RABO 0167 9446 81, benificiary Stichting Amaidhi Nijmegen.

In case  you want to support a specific project, please label your donation by adding the name of the project in your donation.


The Amaidhi board is:

  • Peter Deurloo
  • Dilia Hunsche
  • Ine Kruijdenberg-Le Blanc
  • Nathalie de Haan
  • Jan Vincent
  • Corrie Vincent
  • Erik van Oosterhout