Airtel sponsors the Karunalaya football team

The team of the Karunalaya street children which joins the Street Children World Cup in Rio has found a sponsor: the telephone company Airtel. Their trip to Rio can be booked now for sure. On Saturday March 1 of the year 2014 the team has been offically presented. For the function several VIP's were invited.

The boys have a beautiful outfit: pants with Dutch colours and real football shoes. 

It is very thrilling that the boys of Karunalaya are representing India and we think it is to be applauded that the sponsor who makes this possible is an Indian company. Airtel is doing a good job in making the problem of street children known to the world.

This is waht Paul Sunder Singh, director of Karunalaya wrote about the Championship some time ago: 

Karunalaya will represent India in the Street Child World Cup, 2014, in Rio, Brazil. The organisers have come to know about Karunalaya and the Director of the SCWC Mr. Chris visited us and was happy that he has found the right organisation to participate in the World Cup representing India. This is an initiative once in 4 years since 2010 along with the Soccer World Cup to high light the issues of Street Children and make the world to protect street children. Please visit for more details. It is a great honour to be part of this event.

We will have to raise a lot of money for this event, both for the preparation of the children, the campaign in India before departure and for the actual participation in Rio. We are hopeful that good initiatives will be supported and we look forward. I am scheduled to travel to London in September 2013 form 23 to 28 for a conference for the preparation of street child world cup. I will keep you updated about this great event.

Please be sure that we are thinking of you and that you are in our hearts.

N. Paul Sunder Singh